117 The protected landscapes of Lisina and Zvonejske njivi (Zvoneća fields)

Distance: 30 km, Altitude change: 570 m
This itinerary will reveal to you the protected forest landscape of Lisina as well as the fields in the village of Zvoneća – a picturesque example of land cultivation, today protected as a monument to culture, human labour and perseverance.
Monument of culture – a tribute to human work and perseverance
The trail starts in Rukavac, at the parking lot below the Kinkela House, and continues towards Gornji Rukavac and the Lisina protected area. The old Žejane-Zvoneća-Bukvina road takes us above the hamlet of Perka where we turn for the fields of Zvoneća – Zvonejski njivi. The viewpoint, with its monument to human labour, offers a vista of the protected fields. From there, we continue towards Zvoneća along a gravel path.
On this route, we also pass along the paths where zvončari have been ringing their bells for centuries, as well as through the sinkhole called Breški dol.
 Jarbola is an indigenous grape variety that grows only in Zvoneća. It is unique in the world!