Bell ringers carnival

Some of the bell-ringing groups that you have the opportunity to see are bell ringers from Žejani, Mune, Bregi, Zamet and many many more. At the end of the Show, there will be a party for participants and visitors with an entertainment program in a tent in the center of Matulje. At the fair, restaurateurs, as well as in their catering facilities in the vicinity of Matulji Municipality, will offer autochthonous delicacies that the hosts in this area prepare during the carnival. During it, you can visit the Bell Museum Collection in Rukavac (1 km from the center of Matulje).

Through a multimedia display, the collection allows you to get to know all the local bell ringing groups, their customs and pilgrimages. In the museum collection itself, there will be an exhibition of Faces (masks) of schools of applied and fine arts from all over Croatia,in the building of the Municipality of Matulji and the exhibition space of ISA Mučići, visitors can see the International exhibition of ceramics, by recognized artists from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, called "Bell ringers and ceramics"(Zvončari i keramika) .

Parking for buses is provided about 500 m from the center of Matulja towards Jušići near TIBA and the new Matulja Health Center. Traffic through the center is closed from 12:30-6:00 p.m., but approaches in all directions are possible via detour access roads. The bell ringers mark the very beginning of the Carnival - the first bell rings are rung in Žejane and Mune on the Feast of the Three Kings (January 6), and on Saint Anthony (January 17) in all other places of the municipality.