Welcome to Matulji!

Welcome to Matulji the green-blue hinterland of Opatija's riviera, historical seperation between a journey and a place of rest for modern tourism. Here in the past milkmaids walked hundreds of paths, bell ringers (zvončari) scared away the winter and welcomed spring, and respectable travelers came to the Opatija's riviera by train.
Today, bell ringers (zvončari) still continue their ritual trip while the past intertwines itself with the new age, in which Matulji are a more and more wanted destinacion for the escape of a day-to-day life and a seperation of an urban life in the excellent places for relaxation.
At the train station Matulji - one of the most picturesque buildings in these parts - you can feel how it was to travel along Opatija's riviera in the first days of tourism, and after you can treat yourself to a lunch in one of our hospitalities.
Visit all settlements in the municipality, enjoy the views, feel the breath of the past, try specialties from the local cuisine, head down the paths of milkmaids, and find out the secrets behing tradicional ways of bell ringers (zvončara), during the carneval don't miss the public gathering  of bell ringers (zvončara) in the town center.
Join us on the themed hiking and riding tours which will uncover the history of this area, don't miss concerts and theater plays at the Matulji amphitheater, and during winter experience the magic of Christmas with the rich soothing program.